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PUMA Brand Introduction

PUMA was established in 1948 in Germany 荷索金米兰, PUMA Chinese as the Puma, which means puma, a German shoe and sportswear production mainly of large multinational companies. Founder: Rudolf Dassler (Rudolf Dassler). Rudolf Dassler in 1924 joined his brother Adolf Dassler (nickname Adi Adi) Dassler located Hz if Raul company, and the company soon changed its name to Dassler Brothers. The mid-1930s, Dassler Brothers grow to nearly 100 employees, more than thirty kinds of models of the world's leading brand sports shoes. After World War II, Dassler Brothers to resume business, 47 employees, and to canvas and rubber extracted from the US fuel tank, made the first post-war sports shoes.